The first day, I didn’t think it would be that cool. By the middle, it was pretty fun. Mr. Morgan was actually here to help us. Toward the end, it was hard but we ended up getting through it. It showed my parents that I could so something, that I’m not always doing drugs.

Brandon D. 2015

During the process of writing and working on the show, I found myself growing increasingly willing to speak and use my own voice to add to the group experience through sharing my writings and working with everyone involved in the project. Having worked with the boys from Los Prietos over the past few weeks, I was taken aback by the amount of empathy that I felt towards both the boys and to my fellow UC students. Their stories also helped me see out of the sheltered life that I had been living. Through the articulation of my personal struggles and heroic journey, I was able to realize a great number of things; the goals in my life and the solutions to numerous setbacks became more clear to me. Therefore, the project has been invaluable to me in my journey of growth towards becoming the person that I wish to be

Austin 2015

This has certainly helped me realize how many different options I have for my future goals, and I believe it has also helped me, as a straight white male to be an ally and friend to these boys with less privilege in our society. I certainly will continue to stay close with the boys as well as the rest of the crew, and I certainly hope to join with them in the future to continue our heroic journey to discover more heroes and fix broken systems driven by racism and bribery.

Marcus 2015

I’m really glad I stayed because it changed my life an I liked it. Now I know that if I go to college, I’m going to go for a job that I really like doing, not for a job that I hate and I get paid little money. I really liked the rapping because we got to work with some rap artists. They were willing to help us out, but I don’t know how cuz how are they going to find them. All the mime work, all the yoga – I liked it.

Efren A. 2015

It was a life changing experience and everything about it was fun. I learned I had a hidden talent in me. I learned to be more open to people. I would recommend it because it is so fun and it’s like a once in a lifetime experience that can change the way you look at things and change your life. After the project, I have a passion to go to college and be successful with my life. After the performance, I started to look at everything differently – like I finally opened my eyes for the first time. One cool experience I had was rapping in front of a lot of people and them liking my rap. 

E. Delamancillas 2014