As my second performance of the Odyssey Project comes to a close, I am filled with joy and a resurgence of purpose in the world. All the hard work has shown through, and seeing the delight and accomplishment in the boys for their work is well worth the effort and hardships we struggled with. Once again I am affirmed in my goal to use my art to help people.

Tyler 2015

Special moments – when we were working the rappers that came down because he was telling me that I was really good at rapping. I have one of those special voices. I thought that was kind of cool hearing that from him, because he’s been all over rapping. He said we could be in touch after I get out of camp.

Joseph W.

Are there things I would’ve done differently? Certainly. Plenty. But every mistake made is one I’ll cherish forever because they are pieces of a collection of memories generated by people I’ve had the greatest pleasure meeting and learning about. I love each and every member of the Odyssey Project dearly.

Emily 2015

The day of the performance, it went by quick and it was fun. We pulled through. There weren’t any issues. It could change my life if I continue to go into acting, to have this experience already, ‘I did this while I was locked up, why can’t I do this when I’m not.’ But not right now, not really. I think the dancing was fun. I didn’t know that I was going to get that into it. 

Daniel P.

Personally, I feel more willing to use my voice, instead of remaining quiet. Also, I feel that I now have a clearer vision for my future. After six weeks, I am finally able to admit to myself that I want to perform and continue acting.

Kaylie 2015