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Youth Interactive

is a Creative Entrepreneurial Center in Santa Barbara.  We serve after school T.E.A - Technology, Entrepreneurship and the Arts.  We engage youth, one by one, by igniting their creative passion and create real life youth led businesses where our students are given the $ profits. Be creative, own your own business and make money while at school, that's Youth Interactive! Join us.

Attitude | Harmony | Achievement

An after-school, in school, and summer program supporting youth to celebrate differences, develop social and emotional learning, and make healthy and happy choices for life

Youth-serving Program:

The CommUnity Leadership Institute (CLI): Annual 8-day summer program for high-school aged youth. Participants come together with youth from all over the Central Coast to learn and dialogue about the effect of oppression on their lives, to learn about social justice, and to make plans and receive support for making their communities or schools into places of greater safety, inclusion, and justice.
Key Mission-related words:
Social Justice, Leadership development, Social change.