Schedule for Theater 143 Summer 2015




 Week One Sessions


Session One: 8/4.

Introductions, Discuss Project, Orientation, Actor/Audience, Voice Questions, Voice with Michael, Naming the Ally and Invocation, Introduce Writing & Metaphor, First Writing Exercise: The Ally Writes, Debrief. 


Session Two: 8/5.

Yoga with Ginny, Voice with Michael, Naming the hero/heroine, Drawing the Map of Home and the Map of Adventure, Blunder Exercise/Self-Portrait, and Second Writing Exercise: Life Stories. Read the Ismaros scene, Third Writing Exercise: Building tension in a personal story, Fourth Writing Exercise: Exploring Addiction, Lotus Exercise/Addiction Machine, Mask work with Christina and Dani (plaster bandage).


Session Three: 8/6. 

Costume Introduction with Bonnie, Voice warm-up with Michael, Fifth Writing Exercise: Father/Telemachus’ perspective, The Cyclops section, Read the Cyclops scene, Drawing the Monster’s Eye, Sixth Writing Exercise: Wounding/The Monster Writes. Continue to build the Addiction Machine.


Session Four:  8/7. 

Bonnie with costumes, Yoga with Ginny, Read The Magic Helper: Aeolus/Ally, Voice workshop: Betrayal and Forgiveness, Seventh Writing Exercise: Odysseus writes about Betrayal and disappointment. Introduce Penelope, Eight Writing Exercise: The Lost Beloved, Debrief for the week. 


Week Two Sessions


Session Five: 8/11. 

Discuss Circe Section & Read scene, Ninth Writing Exercise: Assign Circe’s Song/women, Voice with Michael, Choreography with Brittany: Dance of the Gods, Dance of the Will/Dance for a Cause and statistics. Work Underworld Section, Tenth Writing Exercise: The Fallen Warrior and the Ancestor. 


Session Six: 8/12. 

Continue to build the Underworld, Eleventh Writing Exercise: Mother in the Underworld, Stage Cyclops scene with Matt. Twelfth Writing Exercise: Write Siren’s Songs, Work Sirens, Identifying and Drawing Scylla and Charybdis, Thirteenth Writing Exercise: Survival Tactics, Workshop Scylla/ through Tremoring, Stage Scylla & Charybdis. 


Session Seven. 8/13.  

Circe’s Songs, Circe’ Dance & Dance Review with Brittany, Helios Argument, Fourteenth Writing Exercise: Helios Rap war, Voice with Michael, Fifteenth Writing Exercise: Odysseus Meditation/Prayer, Sixteenth Writing Exercise: Write about total loss – someone who didn’t make it home/or your worst nightmare, Stage the final Shipwreck. Mask work with Christina.


Session Eight: 8/14. 

Projection/Animation Workshop with Greg, Stage Cyclopes scene with Matt, Cyclops Mask work with Christina, Seventeenth Writing Exercise: Tributes, Fight work with Zachary, Yoga Chant with Ginny. Debrief for the week.


Week Three Sessions


Session Nine: 8/18.  

Roc$teady coaching the raps, Dance with Brittany, Yoga with Ginny, Cyclops with Matt, Cyclops Mask work with Christina, Discussion and Eighteenth Writing Exercise: Home and the Hood, Draw the Map of Ithaca, Athena Strategy part 1: Nineteenth Writing Exercise, Athena Strategy part 2: Twentieth Writing Exercise. Debrief. 


Session Ten: 8/19. 

Workshop with Art on ritual of purification and clearing the monster, Voice with Michael, Draw and label the Suitors, Enemies and reconciling polarity. Work Penelope’s Dream, The Return of the Hero: Contest, Reunion & Revelation scene. 


Session Eleven: 8/20. 

Fight Call with Zachary, REVIEW ALL WORK: All Mentors Requested.


Session Twelve: 8/21. 

Work 1st half of Project, Fight, Dance, Mask, and Mime work as needed. Christina, Matt, Zachary, Michael. Debrief for the week.


Week Four Sessions


Session Thirteen: 8/25. 

Roc$teady coaching the raps. Continue to work 1st half of the Project with Brittany, Christina, Matt and Zachary. 


Session Fourteen: 8/26.  

Work the 2nd half of the Project. 


Session Fifteen: 8/27.  

Continue to work 2nd half of the Project from Underworld to end.  Zachary, Michael (includes Penelope relationship improvisation)


Session Sixteen: 8/28.

Review and work details of 1st and 2nd halves. Debrief for the week.



Week Five Sessions


Session Sixteen: 9/1. 

Yoga with Ginny, Soul Song with Michael, Review Dances with Brittany, work sections.  


Session Seventeen: 9/2. 

Review, sections, Deepen, Layer in sound and media.  Fight Call with Zachary, Stumble-Thru. 


Session Eighteen: 9/3.  

Roc$teady coaching the raps, Review and Deepen, Layer in sound and media. Fight Call with Zachary, Run-Thru. Notes.


Session Nineteen:  9/4.  

Review and Deepen, Fight Call, Run-Thru with invited audience. Notes. Debrief for the week.


Week Six Sessions


Session Twenty: 9/8. Move into Center Stage Theater. Adjust to the Space. Work Sections as needed. Mentors requested as needed.


Session Twenty-One:  9/9.  Tech. 


Session Twenty-Two:  9/10. First Dress. All mentors requested. 


Session Twenty-Three: 9/11.  Final Dress at Center Stage Theater.


Session Twenty-Four: 9/13. 12:30 PM Call for 2PM Performance at Center Stage Theater. Talk-back with audience, talk back with class, Evaluations. Papers due Sept. 15th.


*Please note: Schedule is subject to change based on availability of the mentors.